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History of Daughters Of Divine Love, German Region

The erection of  Daughters of Divine Love German Zone, as it was called then, started in the early eighties. Prior to this time some Daughters of Divine Love Sisters studying in the nearby countries like Italy use to come for vacation (summer) job in Germany. With the invitation of our German friends and benefactors (Mr. Friedel Herweg, Mr. Alfons Herweg, Mr Winfried Müller, Sr M. Lydia, Mr. Charlie Gessmann, Mr. Josef Troast) through the help of Rev. Fr. Francis Obiora Ike (now Msgr. Francis Obiora Ike) as well as in cooperation with our then Mother General - Mother M. Angela Uwalaka of blessed memory, the first group of six Sisters (Srs. Jane Frances Chioke, Fidelma Chianumba, Cosmas Idika, Chineloma Nwachukwu, Stella Hedo and Lucy Onu) were sent to Germany to witness to divine love and study. The then Bishop of Enugu, Bishop Micheal Eneja of happy memory also played a very crucial role in our existance in Germany.

On the 30th of October 1983 these Sisters were warmly received by Mr. Friedel Herweg, Mr. Alfons Herweg, Mr Winfried Müller, Sr. M. Lydia from the Deutschorden and our sister Chiamaka Uzoukwu. They lived communely within the premises of St Remigius Hospital, Leverkusen Opladen, in the Archdiocese of Cologne. Mr. Friedel Herweg arranged private language teacher for them. After their language course which was done parallel with practical experience in Hospital, sisters started their three years Nursing training in St. Elisabeth Nursing school, Köln-Hohenlind, as well as nursing management course in Caritas Akademy Köln-Hohenlind.

In 1987 a body known as „Nigerian-German contact“ was found to help in directing and assissting Sisters to adapt to German culture, system and way of life. Sisters had close contacts to Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart in Köln-Hohenlid, the Redemptorist Sister in Würzburg, Deutschorden Sisters in Köln- Neubrück, Passau and Frankfurt. These Congregations helped our congregation spiritually, financially and in the training of the sisters. The caritas Verband Leverkusen and the „Nigerian-German contact“ are among the friends of the Congregation till date. 

Sr. Jane Frances finished her nursing Management course on the 31st of November 1988. In January 1989 she took up work as congregation’s representative in Germany.  

It is important to note that with the backup of Cologne Archdiocese through Cardinal Joseph Hoffman (then Cardinal of Cologne Archdiocese) and Caritas Verband Leverkusen through Mr. Friedel Herweg communities were opened. On the 3rd of September 1987, Mother Chilota Elochukwu sent the second group of sisters in the person of Sisters Bridget Aroh, Cornelia Okeke, Paschaline Okolo, Consolata Ogueri, Perpetua Iloeje and Noela Onwukwe, and this led to the erection of Recklinghausen Community in the Diocese of Münster. This contact was made by our student sister in Rome in the person of Sr. Chigozie Obasi who did a vacation job in Recklinghausen with the help of Sister M. Reginalda the Superior of the Franciscan Sisters. The community was closed in the year 2002.  Subsequently many other communities were open. Daughters of divine Love, German Region currently consist of 18 Communities (Convent) in four different countries - Germany, Switzerland, Austria and France.