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Ours is a Congregation founded to commemorate the infinite love and mercy of God, and to continue in the redemptive work of Christ through selfless service of God among His folk. The apostolates of the Daughters consist primarily of prayers and the witness of their consecrated life of Divine Love through acts of self sacrificing love. And since love knows no limits, their apostolates are equally varied and diversified. They are committed to such ministries as : Catechetical, Domestic work, Education, Health Care, Counselling, Legal Practice, Prison and Home Visitation, Printing and Publishing, Pro-Life, Sacerdotal, Catering Services, Charity Home, Agricultural, Social Services and Apostolate of the Presence. The Daughters respond to the needs of the Local Church according to the availability of personnel with the right qualification and ability. Carrying bravely their shield of Christian faith, they boldly undertake any apostolate for the glory of God and the salvation of souls.