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Frankfurt Sossenheim Community

A Brief History Of Divine Love Community-Sossenheim

The Community began on 13th January 2007 with two Sisters who were working in an old people's home (Victor -Golanz House). The community expanded by the grace of God in March 2011 with three more sisters working in a nearby hospital( Hoechst Klinikum). The community became canonically instituted and recognized with a solemn Eucharistic celebration on the 3rd of April 2011. Shortly thereafter two more sisters who were equally working in Hoechst Kilinikum were added to the community members completing the number seven. They are namely: Sr. Agatha Amadi, Sr. Perpetua Chimeziri, Sr. Mary Ogoke, Sr. Susan Odinikaeze, Sr. Rufina Mazeli, Sr. Maureen Okoro and Sr. Andrea Okonkwo. 
The Srs. are engaged in Hospital and Home care Apostolate and equally in Charitable pastoral assistance in  St.Micheal's Parish as much as their work-schedule and Community activities make possible. Currently witnessing in this community are:

Sr. M. Andrea Okonkwo
Sr. M. Perpetua Chimeziri
Sr. M. Clare Duru
Sr. M. Amogechukwu Okwara




Alt Sossenheim 68

65936 Frankfurt a.M


E-mail: sossenheimcomm@ddlgermanregion.org