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Collegium Albertinum Bonn Community

The Community of the Daughters of  Divine Love in Collegium Albertinum Bonn started officially on Monday the first day of October 2012. The Inauguration took place on the. 8th of the same month by the Auxilliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of Cologne Manfred Melzer.in the presence of Sr. M Enderline Emereuwa the Regional Superior. The Community was started by four sisters, namely:

Sr. Rosemary Udeh
Sr. Chinyere Ohajunwa 
Sr. Philomina Ogbu
Sr. Theresa Edeh



The main purpose of our Apostolate is to attend to the need of the Archdiocese  of Cologne which involves:

(a)     Praying for the increase in vocation.

(b)   Ministry (Apostolate) of Presence.

- Praying for the increase in Vocation:

We observe two hours adoration from Monday through Friday. And this helps us to improve in the contemplative aspect of our life. In addition to the above mentioned apostolates, we extend our services in other areas like: Reception, Chapel and Refectory.

- Ministry of presence:

We carry this out through our participation in some of the daily activities in the Seminary:

- Eucharistic celebration and Liturgy of hours etc which might be a motivating factor for the candidates for Priesthood.

Sisters currently in the Community:

Sr. M. Theresa Edeh
Sr. M. Assumpta Ekwugha
Sr. M. Philomina Ogbu



Erzbischöfliches Theologenkonvikt

Collegium Albertinum

Adenauerallee 19

53111 Bonn


E-mail: albertinumcomm@ddlgermanregion.org