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Leverkusen Opladen Community

Historical Overview and Apostolate of the Daughters of Divine Love in Opladen Convent: 

Diversity is enriching

At the beginning the sisters came to Germany for studies or formation. The acquired knowledge was meant to be transmitted to people in the places where members of our congregation live and work, as a way of helping them to help themselves. Later it was decided that the acquired knowledge could also be put into practice even here in Germany, but it was limited to the care of the sick and aged. Unfortunately in the past the sisters who due to sickness or old age were no more capable of working as nurses were transfered to other regions like England, USA or were sent back to Nigeria. Many sisters with knowledge and competencies in nursing and care work were in this way transferred out of Germany.

But in order to meet the challenges and demands of our time, the congregation saw the pressing need to diversify her apostolate here in Germany. This extension of areas of work takes care of personal esteem and competence of each and every sister, ensures their further education and personal development, encourages unity in diversity in various areas of professional duties, in order that the future existence of the DDL in the Germany region could be assured.

It is for this reason that in 2010 our congregation decided to give also the sisters in Germany the opportunity to be engaged in other areas outside nursing and care for the aged. It is this decision that made it possible for us to take up the work in the Archdiocesan Marian School, Opladen. As members of the Congregation, we make effort to spread and bear witness to God's Love in all areas of life where we find ourselves.

The establishment of our convent in Opladen was made possible through the energetic help of Msgr. Teller, Msgr. Daniels, the then Parish Vicar Michael Maxheimer and the permission of the then Mother General (Mother Maria Ifechukwu Udorah) and that of the then Regional Superior (Sr. Edith Egbogu). In this way Sr. Chinyere Ohajunwa and Sr. Petra Chukwudike began their duties in the Archdiocesan Marian School, Opladen on the 1st of September 2010.

So far we could say that this activity is a very positive experience and enriching for our congregation. Two of us packed into our convent in Opladen in January 2011. At present there are five sisters living in the convent.

The concept and vision of our convent:

"We, Daughters of Divine Love sisters in Opladen Convent, are religious sisters who are engaged in the spreading of the Goodnews of God's Love among God's faithful. We make effort through our various activities and through selfless service to the whole mankind to make God's Love visible and noticeable" (Mission statement of DDL Convent Opladen).

The concept of our Convent foresees that, through sharing of our experiences of faith with all and through active participation in the life of the Christian community, we could suscitate and motivate religious vocations in more young people in the Archdiocese of Cologne. We make efforts to achieve this by bringing into play our cultural traits that promote love and togetherness which are necessary for the spread of the faith.

We envisage to contribute in the renewal of faith in our Christian communities. We see the need to provoke reflections on how the Church could be made more inviting and attractive to the youth and what role we as religious could play in our various areas of activities. The youth should come to learn concretely through our witness of life that serving God among people gives true happiness. This is the challenge we intend to take up. Sisters presently witnessing in this community are:

Sr. M. Prudentiana Onwudi
Sr. M. Obinna Okereke
Sr. M. Francilia Ugadu
Sr. M. Chikwudorom Nnabuife
Sr. Regis Marie Onyeliri 


An St. Remigius 23

51373 Leverkusen

E-Mail: opladencomm@ddlgermanregion.org